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  • Muotkatunturi Wilderness, rain and shine

    Last week my friend Jouko and I did a six days hike in Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area, which is located in Finnish Lappland. The weather is always a surprise, you will never know in advance what you get. This time we had both rain and shine. At this time of the year the scenery colours are very beautiful, mostly yellow and […]

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  • Varangerhalvøya National Park

    In July 2019 I did a hike in Varangerhalvøya National Park. The weather was still very windy, rainy and foggy, but just when I arrived to the edge of Sandfjorddalen the sun came out behind the clouds. Stunning moment!

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  • Hornøya

    I visited also Hornøya bird island in June 2019. The weather was very foggy but the atmosphere was anyway very unique.

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